We are honored to be part of the Ukrainian Pavilion exhibition «The Darkest Hour Before Dawn: Ukrainian Design in Times of Change» at the London Design Biennale.
This exhibition is a tribute to Ukraine’s rich cultural and natural heritage, design initiatives, and the indomitable spirit of its people.
The Ukrainian pavilion focuses on the internal and external tracks of the collaboration process. On the one hand, the installation demonstrates the connections between modern Ukrainian design and its past cultural traditions, and on the other hand, it studies the relevance of intercultural communications. ‘The darkest hour is just before dawn’ tells stories about design initiatives that allow the creators of the entire planet to speak the same language – the language of world peace, progress and life.
Step into Ukraine’s rich natural and cultural resources with the captivating tapestry «Zemlia» by designer Victoria Yakusha. It explores the deep-rooted connection Ukrainians have with their heritage, showcasing the cultural durability of generations.
Designer Serhii Gotvyansky delves into Ukraine’s resource and industrial potential through symbolic objects «DNIPRO.» Each piece represents typical industrial structures, made from local resources such as coal, clay, granite, steel and salt, showcasing Ukraine’s natural diversity and promoting sustainable interaction with our planet.
Experience the transformative power of artistic design with our Gropius Low Chair Military Edition. It tells the story of Ukrainian design before and after the Russian invasion, highlighting adaptability and resilience.
Come to see the Ukrainian Pavillion’s exhibition «The darkest hour is Just Before the Dawn» at the London Design Biennale curated by Larisa Tsybina.
1-25 June
London Design Biennale
Somerset House