A material older than the sea and oceans extracted through the mind and labor of the hands turned into a new work of creative thought.
The fruit of the imagination provides an unexpected visual and perceptual contribution to the very notion of balance.

It is like a magnet, each time taking shape with surprising power, giving new emotions of dramatic contrast between the idea of a delicate form and the energy of a material with roughly carved details.

Our Marbles

Arabescato Grigio
Bianco di Carrara
Breccia Pantifico
Calacatta Calvia
Calacatta Verde
Fior de pesco
Marmo Camouflage
Negro Marquino
Nero portoro
Rosso Levante
Silver Root
Silver wave
Verias Green

About Marble

Given the natural characteristics of the stone, each piece can present veins, tonality differences, mineral intrusion or stuccowork.
Usage and maintenance instructions
Not advisable are strong abrasive cleaners, grease or calcareous removers, acids and alcohol.
The product does not appear toxic to humans, animals or to the environment.
Only discard in appropriate disposals according to rules and regulations in your area.
How should I care for my marble piece?

Our marble pieces are unsealed; a decision chosen to enhance how the raw, honed stones will age over time and with use. As it is a porous material, be careful not to get your marble items excessively wet, stained or scratched as they will become marked. We think that the inevitable signs of wear are all part of marble's charm, but it helps to act with caution. For example, always use a coaster when placing glasses or mugs on it to avoid heat marks and water rings, and clean a spillage immediately.

Wipe your marble piece with a damp cloth regularly to keep it clean. Never use aggressive cleaning products, particularly those with bleach or acidic detergents, and don't try to remove marks with steel wool or abrasive paper. After wiping, finish with a dry lint-free cloth.

How to style marble in your home?

Whether it be a floor lamp or decorative tray, marble can elevate your home. The way it's used and styled depends on the space, but there are some overarching ideas.

Marble is a completely unique material - no two slabs are the same. So, see it as an opportunity to create a feature. In our Products, we choose marble varieties with pronounced veining, rich tones or multi-colours. Be brave with it.
Hone in on accessories
People often think of marble as a material for a kitchen or bathroom, but we love using it in lounge spaces. Especially in a compact space, like an apartment, a marble coffee table or decorative items like a tray or wall panel bring a room together.
Break it up
When using marble for decoration elements, we introduce a variety of stones for an eclectic look. In Tempo tables, for example, red marble brings a glamorous feel, while in Perspectyva sculpture we mixed in travertine for its authentical Italian vibes.

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