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Decorative object | sculpture PERSPECTYVA
An element that stands out for its essential lines and its ability to fit any interior design



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Negro Marquino

PERSPECTYVA is a small decorative object inspired by the work of Francesco Borromini in Palazzo Spada (Rome, Italy) and the phenomenon of the illusion of forced perspective.

So an arch was taken as the basis for this item. To run the idea, we made a series of self-similar silhouettes.After that, the proportions of the object were deformed in such a way as to create the effect of perspective, which is commonly used in architectural drawings with one-point perspective.
As a result, we have a conditionally flat object, which from a certain angle creates the illusion of a deep perspective.

Despite the unsurpassed decorative qualities with historical and architectural background, with raw but charming surfaces, for the eye and for the hand, this bold piece of functional decor with elegant features will enhance a modern or classic environment.

The PERSPECTYVA will make a statement on your office work desk or a book shelves in your living room.

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