coffee table

An element that stands out for its essential lines and its ability to fit any interior design.
Coffee table PROTOZOI is not suitable for outdoor use. Wall mounted natural stone panel PROTOZOI. Equipped with plates only for vertical installation


Anna Manako

Product variations


Calacatta Verde

The project entitled PROTOZOI offers us two works from the same collection or a panel and a table both built on several layers / levels of marble scraps. Their parts have been cut in order to minimize production residues for a greater ecological respect and to imitate nature which recycles itself without producing waste.

The panel has a mirror inside which, in addition to reflecting the light, gives the person who observes it the opportunity to see their own inner universe, thus becoming an active part of the work itself. The coffee table, in addition to the upper glass top, has inside elements that are both useful for the stability and balance of the object and that want to express the beginning of the manifestation of a new life.

Both of these objects symbolize the love of life and the related process of endless birth and rebirth as the only way to overcome death.

The objects were made using the scraps of three types of marble alternating between Palissandro, Calacatta verde and Estremoz.

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