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An element that stands out for its essential lines and its ability to fit any interior design
VIYALO tables are not suitable for outdoor use


Alina Kravchuk

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Arabescato Grigio
Bianco di Carrara
Calacatta Calvia
Fior de pesco
Negro Marquino

A material older than the sea and ocean extracted through the mind and labor turned into a new work of creative thought.

Since the ages, humanity has magnified the forces of nature. We have been drawn to the symbol of the fan, brought to earth by the wind goddess Nemiza to relieve people from suffering and pain. Through the twists and turns of the fan we translate the spectrum of emotions, thoughts, fear or pain that one experiences. From the mythology of ancient China, it was enough to flick the fan, and then the goddess would respond to the call of the sufferer, and the power of the wind would contain his pain.

The combination of the two symbols in one is the idea of the fragile fragility of the human soul, broadcast by the sturdy material and its rough treatment.

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